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Marketing assets


All the SwipeSimple features merchants love, in an 8.5 x 11" PDF. Easy to send via email or print and bring along to your next in-person visit.

Merchant-facing 1-sheets

The following assets are ready to share with your merchants as you highlight the benefits of SwipeSimple.

For Sales teams

The following assets are intended to aid sales teams selling SwipeSimple. They are not intended for merchant-facing distribution.

Photo Library

Access 100+ high-resolution photos of SwipeSimple Terminal, SwipeSimple Mobile App, and more.

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Video channel

Visit the SwipeSimple video channel for overviews of SwipeSimple Terminal on PAX A920 and A80, Virtual Terminal, Payment Links, and more.

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Also available on YouTube and as downloadable files.

Editable files for marketing teams

Editable 1-sheets

Editable design files you can use to co-brand with your company's logo.

HTML email templates


Save the linked HTML files to your computer and import to your email service provider.

Email topics:

  • SwipeSimple Terminal: Say hello to the affordable smart terminal merchants love

  • Devices: SwipeSimple works on every mobile device

  • Invoices: Accept payments via email or secure payment link
  • Card readers: Shows the versatility of our credit card readers
  • At your computer: Overview of Payment Links and ability to send Invoices via SMS text


High-resolution versions of the SwipeSimple and CardFlight logos.

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Video files

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