Pairing the SM-L200 with your device (Android only)

After setting up your devices, we’ll now pair the SM-L200 with your Android device. The SM-L200 doesn’t need to be paired with iOS devices, if you’re using an iOS device, please proceed to the next step.
The following steps only apply to Android users.

On your Android device, go to Settings > Bluetooth.

Turn Bluetooth on. In the “Available Devices
section, select the printer with your SM-L200’s serial number.

The serial number can be located at the back of the SM-L200, or on the side of the box in which your SM-L200 came in.
Format: STAR L200-XXXXX, with the last five digits representing the last five digits of your SM-L200’s serial number.

If a PIN is required during the pairing request, please enter “1234”.

Once selected and successfully paired, the SM-L200’s serial number will move from “Available Devices” to “Paired Devices” and be shown as “Paired”.