General Information

Select the reset password option on the SwipeSimple app or dashboard to reset your password.

Please contact your merchant service provider if you need any additional assistance.

SwipeSimple Register users access everything SwipeSimple Basic users have, plus they have access to additional hardware options and select software features. This is automatically detected when a user logs into SwipeSimple.

Only SwipeSimple Register users have the capability to pair with a printer and print paper receipts.

SwipeSimple Register users have access to all of SwipeSimple Basic’s features and the following features:

  • Favorites pages – SwipeSimple Register merchants are able to build custom pages of their most used items and discounts for quick and easy access during a sale (up to 20 items a page). Favorites pages can be built in the mobile app.
  • Discounts – SwipeSimple Register users can create percentage and value-dollar discounts, and apply them towards an item or/and transaction when creating a sale. Additionally, they can apply multiple discounts towards a transaction. Discounts can be created and managed on the web dashboard.

Additional hardware/printers supported by SwipeSimple Register include:

  • mPOP – Cash drawer and receipt printer – for the modern countertop merchant
  • SM-L200 – Bluetooth receipt printer – for the on-the-go merchant

SwipeSimple is available exclusively through merchant service providers. Contact your merchant service provider today to see if SwipeSimple is available to you!

If you have SwipeSimple Basic and would like to enable your account for SwipeSimple Register, please contact your merchant service provider, they will be able to guide you through the process.

After your SwipeSimple application has been approved, your merchant service provider will create your SwipeSimple account. Within 24 hours of your approval you will receive a Welcome Email with a temporary password and login details.

Next Steps:

  • You can download to the SwipeSimple app from the App Store for iOS or the Google Play Store for Android or visit

  • Sign-in using the email address and the temporary password provided to you in your Welcome Email

  • Take your first transaction!

After your merchant service provider has set up your account, you will receive a Welcome Email with a temporary password. You will be able to use this temporary password with the email registered to your account to sign in to SwipeSimple for the first time

No. Follow the instructions in your SwipeSimple Welcome Email to sign in and your account will be ready to accept transactions!

If you need any assistance connecting your card reader, simply follow the advice listed on the pocket guide packaged with your reader or contact your merchant service provider.

Not at all! SwipeSimple Register is designed to be simple and direct, enabling you to self-configure without the aid of product specialist.

It takes approximately 5-10 minutes to get the SwipeSimple Register hardware up and running.

If you have an mPOP cash register and receipt printer:
Please see here for steps on setting up your mPOP.

If you have a SM-L200 Bluetooth receipt printer:
Please see here for steps on setting up your SM-L200.

Yes. Please contact your merchant service provider for details regarding any additional fees and to set up additional merchant accounts.

Your merchant service provider would be the best point of contact for details regarding your contract.

If you are not sure who your merchant service provider is, please feel free to email us at

Please contact your merchant service provider for more information regarding additional users.

We use DUKPT with Triple DES encryption and we are a PCI Level 1 compliant service provider.

Please contact your merchant service provider for details regarding any additional fees.

Yes. User roles determine the level of access each user has on a SwipeSimple account. Member users can only view their own transactions, accept payments, and process voids.

Mobile App:

  1. Type an amount on the ‘Keypad’ tab on the Sale screen (we recommend a $0.01 test transaction) or select an item from your inventory by selecting the center, ‘Items’ tab. Tap C to clear the amount.
  2. Tap the Charge button.
  3. Connect your SwipeSimple card reader to your mobile device.
  4. Swipe, Dip or Tap your card or payment device when prompted by the app.
  5. Select Receipt to enter an email address or phone number to send a receipt.

Web Dashboard:

  1. Select “Create a new transaction” on the Transactions page
  2. Enter the amount of the sale, card number, expiration date, CVV, and billing zip code
  3. Select the Charge button
  4. Enter an email address or phone number to send a receipt

Admin users will have access to all account details including reports, account settings, and transactions run by all users. Admin users will also be able to run transactions, refunds, and voids.

Member users will only have access to their own transactions and may be restricted to a single MID on multiple MID accounts. Member users can only process transactions and void items in their personal history.

Admin users have the ability to create and modify discounts and favorites pages, and are able view user summaries of all user accounts associated with the account. Admin users also have access to reports on the web dashboard and can set the sales tax and amount, as well as tip amounts and signature settings.

Member users will not be able to create or modify discounts and favorites pages, and will only be able to utilize them. In addition, they only have access to their personal transaction history.

If you have multiple merchant accounts tied to your SwipeSimple account, the Admin user(s) can change the selected account from the “Merchant Account” option on the Settings screen of the app.

Please contact your merchant service provider for assistance updating information on your account.

Add or edit inventory directly from the SwipeSimple mobile app or web dashboard.

Every receipt will automatically include the merchant account name, address and phone number*. You may also edit the header or footer on receipts from the SwipeSimple dashboard to include return policies, greeting messages, or website links.

*Phone number is optional for merchant accounts.

Contact your merchant service provider for any changes to your SwipeSimple account.

Yes. As a cloud-based solution, SwipeSimple accounts are synced and update real-time across all devices as well as the SwipeSimple web dashboard. Access reports and account details at any time. You will never have to wait until end-of-day.

You can accept prepaid credit cards from major networks like Visa and MasterCard. At this time, SwipeSimple does not support private label or merchant-specific gift card programs.

All billing for the SwipeSimple software and your merchant account will be handled by your merchant service provider. SwipeSimple does not directly bill merchants.

Please contact your merchant service provider for all questions about your merchant account or the SwipeSimple software. You can find their contact information by logging into the SwipeSimple application, going to Settings, and selecting Support within the mobile app.