Web Dashboard

Get summary data on your account based on key categories from the Reports page.
Click the date dropdown, and choose your desired date range from the list.

  • User Summary:  See the total number of sales, total monetary value of sales, and total monetary value of tips taken by each user.

  • Item Summary: See the total number sold, monetary value sold, and current inventory count of each item.

  • Daily Summary: See total sales, tips, taxes, and refunds per day.

SwipeSimple Register users have access to everything that SwipeSimple Basic users have.

Additionally, you will be able to get reporting on total monetary value of discounts for each day.

To view this data, go to Reports > Sale Summary tab on the SwipeSimple web dashboard.

View the Transactions page to view your transactions. You can also export your last 1000 transactions from this page by selecting “Export Transactions list in CSV format.

Transaction details include:

  • Transaction Number

  • Transaction Date and Time

  • Transaction Status

  • Cardholder name (for swiped and dipped transactions)

  • Auth Code

  • Card Details incl. Card Issuer, last 4 digits of Card Number and Transaction Value

Send a receipt or issue a full refund, partial refund, or void* a transaction from the transaction details page

*when available

Visit the Transactions page on the SwipeSimple web dashboard to find the cardholder name for all swiped or dipped transactions.

Yes. SwipeSimple is a cloud-based solution. Any edits made from your SwipeSimple app will automatically sync to the cloud.

Visit the Transactions page on the web dashboard to export your last 1000 transactions. Click “Export Transactions list in CSV format” to download a CSV file of your last 1000 transactions.

Please contact your merchant service provider for more information regarding additional users.

You can process a transaction on the SwipeSimple web dashboard by clicking on Virtual Terminal from the menu on the left.

SwipeSimple Virtual Terminal allows you to take keyed card transactions using any device, even without a reader.

Address Verification Service (AVS) will be supported for First Data Omaha, TSYS, and Vantiv, Now Worldpay merchant accounts. AVS lets you feed a cardholder’s address when taking keyed transactions, and the address will be checked against the cardholder’s address on file to offer additional verification and fraud prevention. AVS response will be displayed in the transaction details page for Virtual Terminal transactions that utilize AVS.

Create a New Transaction

Create a new keyed-entered transaction on the Virtual Terminal page by entering the following details:

  • Amount
  • Reference Number (optional)
  • Cardholder Name (optional)
  • Credit Card Number
  • Card Expiration Date
  • Card CVV
  • Street Address – including Address, City, State and ZIP Code (optional)

Click on “Charge” to process the transaction.

Transaction Results

Keyed-entered transactions may be Approved, Declined, or result in an Error.

Click on “Full Transaction Details” to view transaction details (including card and merchant account details), or to perform a void or refund.

Click on “Print Receipt” or “Send Receipt” to print or send a receipt as an email or text.

To retry Declined or Error transactions, close the dialogue box by clicking on X and re-enter transaction details.

Yes. Select the transaction you would like to void or refund on the Transactions page. Select the respective button to void or refund that transaction.

If the Void option is not displayed, the period in which that transaction can be voided has expired.

SwipeSimple Register users are able to apply a discount or multiple discounts to a transaction when creating a sale.

A SwipeSimple Register user will need to have admin access to create a new discount, modify, or remove an existing discount on the web dashboard.

Updates to discounts will be reflected in the SwipeSimple app when successfully saved on the web dashboard.

View and manage discounts:

View your existing list of discounts by clicking on the Discounts tab from the Items page.

To search for a specific discount, use the search bar on the right.

Create a new discount:

Select the discount that you wish to modify or delete by clicking on the discount name

  • Discount name
  • Discount type – percentage or dollar off discount
  • Amount

Click on “Create Discount” to create the discount.

Modify or remove an existing discount:

You may modify the existing discount by editing:

  • Discount name
  • Discount type – percentage or dollar off discount
  • Amount

Click on “Update Discount” to save the changes.

To remove an existing discount, click on “Delete Discount“.

When adding items, select “Yes” on the “Keep track of inventory” option and set count on hand to keep track of quantities sold.

View and manage inventory, create new items, and export/import your items from the Items page.

Add new item(s):

Select the “Add New Item” button to add new items to your inventory. You may add items individually or find details to upload inventory in bulk by selecting “Upload multiple items using a csv file.”

Edit item(s):

Edit an item’s name, price, SKU, taxability, and quantity by selecting the item from the table.

Export items list in CSV format:

Click “Export items list in CSV format” to download current inventory items in a CSV file. You can update this CSV file and import it later. This is useful for restocking.

Organize the order of your inventory items based on key details. For example, click on “Price” to order items based on their prices.

To search for a specific item, key in any of the key details in the search field on the right-hand side of the screen.

These features can all be managed from the account settings page of the mobile app or web dashboard.

  • Signature Settings: Choose when the app to asks for signatures on non-EMV transactions.

  • Tax Settings: Choose whether the app to collects sales tax and set the tax rate.

  • Tip Settings: Choose whether the app to prompts for tips and set default tip percentages.

Yes. Visit the Account Settings on the web dashboard to add details in the header or footer of your receipts.

Yes. SwipeSimple does support prescheduled and recurring billing. Learn more here.