Understand Your Customers, Run A Better Business

Make effective decisions with smart insights about your sales and inventory

Understand Your Customers and Get Actionable Data

Know what sells well (and not so much), at what times, dates, locations, and how frequently. Powerful reporting tools that provides overarching and detailed information to enable you to organize and understand purchase data to make better business decisions.

Real-Time Updates at Your Fingertips

Get real-time updates synced across all your devices and your web dashboard. Access to reports and insights whenever you need them – never have to wait until end-of-day.

See SwipeSimple in action

Key Insights at a Glance

Get visual summaries of your vitals at a glance. The most important information you need at your fingertips synced for monitoring in real time.

Or Drill Down into the Details

Get all transaction details relating to each and every sale made. Toggle and analyze data according to the date, account, or transaction type. Export data in CSV format seamlessly.

Save cards on file and more

Easily manage your customer records with card on file for repeat customers. Plus, schedule future payments, offer installment payments, and set up subscriptions.

accept keyed card payments on any device

Collect keyed card payments from any device, even without a card reader on SwipeSimple Virtual Terminal. Associate and track details such as cardholder name and reference number in your reports. Learn more about Virtual Terminal.

Centralized Management and Business Headquarters

Manage your inventory by adding or editing item details, including name, SKU, price, taxability, and quantity. Scale your business with ease by creating multiple accounts and log-ins for your locations and staff.

Customize Your Settings

Customize your transaction settings by toggling and editing taxes, tips, offline mode, and signatures for all your terminals. Create customized receipts with your own brand messaging, and send them to your customers through email and text.

Are you a merchant?

SwipeSimple is sold and supported by merchant service providers. If you're a merchant and want to sign up for SwipeSimple, ask your merchant service provider to reach out to us to learn how they can offer SwipeSimple to merchants like you.