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Take credit cards without the hassle.

Start taking credit cards with SwipeSimple, trusted by more than 125,000 small businesses.

Transparent pricing.
No surprises.

Simple pricing as low as 2.6% and 10¢ per transaction.
No monthly fees. No hidden charges.
No long term contracts. Learn more

Payment solutions for fixers, makers, bakers, and lifesavers.

On-site services
Auto towing, plumbers, HVAC repair, and any business taking payments in the field. Learn more
Professional services
Doctors, lawyers, accountants, consultants, and any business with back-office billing needs.Learn more
Food and beverage
Bakeries, cafés, bars, fast casual stores, quick service restaurants, and any business serving meals or drinks.Learn more
Specialty gift shops, sporting goods, and any business selling products directly to customers.Learn more
flexible solution

Works with the devices you already own.

Take in-person payments on any iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet
Send invoices and payment links via email or text
Take payments over the phone or at your office with just a computer
SwipeSimple screen loaded on a phone, tablet, and laptop

Mobile card reader

Processes transactions in seconds
Powerful battery lasts all day
Bluetooth Low Energy securely connects to your iOS or Android mobile device
SwipeSimple B350 card reader

SwipeSimple Terminal

Built-in battery and Wi-Fi for true wireless capabilities
Built-in receipt printer
Cloud-based inventory, item tracking, and real-time transaction history
SwipeSimple Terminal payment device

Take credit card payments the simple way.

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David C.

Easy-to-use. Easy-to-navigate. I would recommend to any business owner over any other POS.

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Small business owner

I am SOOOOO happy with your service. Everything is so user friendly and I have had zero issues. I just wanted to thank you for making my life a bit easier now!

Received via email
Reizel B.

SwipeSimple is very convenient for the small business owners. I love how fast and easy it is to use. It is very convenient since it can be used in all in one device plus it is very safe.

G2 review
Small business owner

Unreal simple to use. It was very easy to create an item for each sale, setup the item, create item, and just add quantities in the sale section.

iOS App Store

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We're there for you if you need us. Our friendly U.S.-based support team will pick up the phone and guide you every step of the way.

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Simple pricing

SwipeSimple Connect pricing is simple.

You only pay for SwipeSimple Connect processing when you use it.

  • 2.6% and 10¢ per transaction when you tap, dip, or swipe a customer’s card or contactless payment device (known as Card-Present transactions)
  • 3.5% and 10¢ per transaction when you manually key in your customer’s card details, use a card on file, when a customer pays via invoice, payment link, or makes an online purchase (known as Card-Not-Present transactions)

Once approved, you can begin to accept payments through the SwipeSimple mobile application or website using a mobile device or computer you already own. To be able to tap, dip, or swipe a card, you can also purchase a:

  • Bluetooth card reader that connects with your mobile phone or tablet for $49. Tax not included.
  • Smart payment terminal for $299. Tax not included.

Chargeback fee: $15

Refunded transactions:

  • There are no fees to process a full or partial refund
  • Fees that were charged on the original sale are not returned when the transaction is refunded

With SwipeSimple Connect, we keep things simple.

That means no long-term contracts and:

  • No setup fees
  • No monthly fees
  • No annual fees
  • No batch fees
  • No statement fees
  • No PCI compliance fees

All the support you need

It's easy to setup your business with SwipeSimple Connect. No training or technical knowledge is needed.

Whether you're accepting credit cards for the first time, or are converting to SwipeSimple Connect from another provider, it's easy to set up, get started, and get paid.

If you do need support, SwipeSimple Connect merchants have access to our world-class support team.

What information do I need to complete the application?

To quickly complete your merchant application you will need to state how your business is structured.

All business structures need to provide a Social Security Number or Tax ID Number (TIN), date of birth, and home address for each individual who owns at least 25% of the business. All business structures also need to provide the bank name, ABA Routing Number, and account number for the business bank account.

Common business structures are:

Sole Proprietorship
The business is owned by one person and tied to that person’s Social Security Number or Taxpayer ID Number.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)
The business is officially registered as a LLC and the legal business name typically includes LLC.

Private Corporation (including C and S corporations)
The business is privately owned and is registered as a C or S corporation. The legal business name typically includes Inc.

Partnership (including GP, LP and LLP)

The business has shared ownership and is either unincorporated or registered as a General Partnership, Limited Partnership, or a Limited Liability Partnership. The legal business name may include GP, LP or LLP.

Nonprofit organization
An organization or group that has been organized as a Not-For-Profit Corporation and has 501(c)(3) or other legal status as a nonprofit.

Government Entity
An entity that has been organized by a national or local government authority.

Publicly Traded Company
The business is a corporation that is publicly owned by shareholders who have ownership in the company and where shares are publicly traded on a stock exchange.

If there are no owners with at least a 25% stake in the company or if the organization is a nonprofit or governmental entity, then the person authorized to submit the application (often known as the Authorized Controller or Control Prong) will need to provide their Social Security Number, date of birth, and home address in the “Add an Owner” section.

What is SwipeSimple Connect?

SwipeSimple Connect is an all-in-one payments solution for small businesses.

As a SwipeSimple Connect merchant you will have access to the following features and services.


  • The easy-to-use payment solutions software currently used by more than 125,000 small businesses across the US
  • Software designed to work on the standard computer and mobile device which you may already own

Merchant processing account with simple pricing

You only pay for the processing when you use it.

  • 2.6% + 10¢ per transaction when you tap, dip, or swipe a customer’s card or contactless payment device (known as Card-Present transactions)
  • 3.5% + 10¢ per transaction when you manually key in your customer’s card, use a card on file, when a customer pays via invoice or payment link, or makes an online purchase (known as Card-Not-Present transactions)

Hardware devices to expand how you accept payments

  • Bluetooth card reader to pair with your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet for $49 plus tax
  • Smart terminal to take payments and print receipts with an all-in-one device for $299 plus tax

Personalized training and support

  • Our team helps you get started through personalized setup and training
  • The SwipeSimple Support Team is available to help by email and phone

Get started on your SwipeSimple Connect application.

SwipeSimple Connect is provided and supported by CardFlight, the developers of SwipeSimple software. SwipeSimple is also sold through a network of merchant acquirers, regional resellers, and financial institutions. Learn more about our SwipeSimple partners.