SwipeSimple merchant at her computer

We make it easy to take payments at your computer

Thousands of small business owners — including professional services providers, property managers, colleges, nonprofits, and religious organizations — use SwipeSimple to accept payments and run their business more efficiently right from their computer.

“This has been as easy as it can be. I have SwipeSimple and what you can do with it from a computer has made it easier for me to operate my business.”

Source: Review on Google Play

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How small businesses accept payments at their computer with SwipeSimple

Professional services can:
  • Send and receive invoices via email
  • Save cards on file for easy billing of established clients
Healthcare providers can:
  • Setup scheduled payments for future appointments
  • Charge customers over the phone with the Virtual Terminal
Nonprofit organizations can:
  • Save customer information and gain individual-level insights
  • Create recurring payments for regular donations

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SwipeSimple makes it easy to accept payments at your computer.