SwipeSimple merchant at her computer

SwipeSimple makes it easy to take payments at your computer

Accept credit card payments however your customers want to pay with Invoices, Payment Links, and more.

“This has been as easy as it can be. I have SwipeSimple and what you can do with it from a computer has made it easier for me to operate my business.”

Source: Review on Google Play

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How small businesses accept payments at their computer with SwipeSimple

Professional services
  • Send invoices via email or text
  • Save cards on file for easy billing of established clients
  • Potential to lower fees with Level III Interchange Qualification
Healthcare providers
  • Setup scheduled payments for future appointments
  • Charge customers over the phone with the Virtual Terminal
Nonprofit organizations
  • Save customer information and gain individual-level insights
  • Create recurring payments for regular donations
  • Accept donations on social media or on the web with Payment Links

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SwipeSimple makes it easy to accept payments at your computer.