In-person Services

Simple, secure payment options to serve your clients better.

SwipeSimple saves time, lowers your operating costs, and makes it easier to run your business.


Offer customers more tipping options.
  • Easy tip management tools
  • Set custom tip amounts ($ or %)
  • Send receipts with tip via email or text
  • Turn tips on or off anytime

Save customer information

Streamline your marketing and sales efforts.
  • Deliver a superior customer experience
  • Track customer purchase history
  • Save customer contact info in one convenient place
  • Make future transactions faster and easier by keeping customer card information on file


Offer sales and discounts easily.
  • Simplify sales with preset discounts
  • Offer discounts on individual services
  • Name your promotions to boost marketing efforts
  • Print special offers on your receipts
  • Easily create discounts, sales and promotions

Track employee sales and tips.

Manage and improve your team.
  • Track total number of sales by employee
  • Track total dollar amount of sale by employee
  • Track tips collected by employee
  • Customize reports for any time period


Send invoices and track payments in real time.
  • Send invoices instantly via email or SMS text message
  • Customize invoices with your company colors and logo
  • Offer customers secure online payment links
  • Track invoice history and send payment reminders


Manage and grow your business better.
  • Track your inventory in real time
  • Automatically syncs to the cloud
  • Get custom reports of top-selling items
  • Track your inventory and best sellers


Save time with reporting tools.
  • Create custom reports on demand
  • Export reports compatible with QuickBooks, Excel & other tools
  • Track and improve performance
  • Simplify tax time