Offer your merchants SwipeSimple

SwipeSimple is the best way for Merchant Acquirers, Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), credit card processors, financial institutions, and other merchant service providers to offer easy-to-use payment acceptance to small business merchants.

  • SwipeSimple is sold through Merchant Acquirers, ISOs, agents, financial institutions and credit card processors.
  • SwipeSimple Resellers are able to board accounts on the processing platform that they or their merchants prefer.  To learn more about which processors we support, please contact us.
  • Our reseller partners have access to SwipeSimple RAMP for easy onboarding and portfolio management. At CardFlight, we are committed to making it easy to board merchants so they can begin transacting right away. We work hard to make deployment as easy as possible for you and your teams.
  • SwipeSimple is most-often co-branded or sold as “white label” with our partners’ label. Our reseller partners lead with their brand when selling to and supporting merchants.

With SwipeSimple:

  • Resellers can provide an easy-to-use yet reliable payment acceptance solution to a broad range of merchants.
  • Merchant retention and satisfaction is extremely high.
  • Transaction volumes continue to grow as small businesses grow, and as the features within SwipeSimple expand.

Become a SwipeSimple partner

To learn more about becoming a SwipeSimple Reseller, please contact us.