Now it's easy to take payments in-store or online.

Accept payments online, over the phone, and in person with easy-to-use tools for retailers.


Track your inventory and best sellers.
  • Track your inventory in real time
  • Manage and grow your business better
  • Automatically syncs to the cloud
  • Get custom reports of top-selling items

Item Modifiers

Make order modifications quick and automatic.
  • Save time and ring up customized orders faster
  • Automatically adjust item prices based on every modification. No mental math required
  • Consolidate inventory and sales reports for more accurate bookkeeping

Payment Links

Accept online payments for anything you sell.
  • Easily create and share payment links
  • Sell on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter — anywhere you can paste a link
  • Send Payment Links via email or text
  • Put "Buy Now" buttons on your website
  • No special software or plugins needed


Get automatic notifications when you need them.
  • When inventory runs low
  • Every time you make a sale


Offer customers more tipping options.
  • Set custom tip amounts ($ or %)
  • Send receipts with tip via email or text
  • Turn tips on or off anytime
  • Easy tip management tools

Track employee sales and tips.

Manage and improve your team.
  • Easily track employee metrics
  • Track total number of sales by employee
  • Track total dollar amount of sale by employee
  • Track tips collected by employee
  • Customize reports for any time period


Easily create discounts, sales, and promotions.
  • Simplify sales with preset discounts
  • Offer discounts on individual items
  • Set up storewide sales
  • Name your promotions to boost marketing
  • Print special offers on your receipts
  • Offer sales and discounts easily

Save customer information

Streamline your marketing and sales efforts.
  • Track customer purchase history
  • Save customer contact info in one convenient place
  • Make future transactions faster and easier by keeping customer card information on file
  • Deliver a superior customer experience


Print and send customized receipts.
  • Print receipts from your computer
  • Send receipts by email or text
  • Print with optional receipt printer
  • Customize receipts with your logo and info


Save time with reporting tools.
  • Create custom reports on demand
  • Easily customize your reports
  • Export reports compatible with QuickBooks, Excel, and other tools
  • Track & improve performance
  • Simplify tax time