Virtual Terminal

The simple way to take payments over the phone or bill customers remotely.

SwipeSimple makes it easy to accept credit and debit card payments using your own computer. No special equipment needed.
SwipeSimple Virtual Terminal

Take credit card payments right in your web browser.

So easy to use, you already have everything you need.

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Process transactions instantly, even when your customer isn't standing in front of you.
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Effortlessly track all of your transactions: credit cards, debit cards, and cash.
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Make future transactions faster by keeping customer card information on file.

So easy to use, you already have everything you need.

Use your own computer to take payments.

Virtual Terminal is perfect for any business.

Send digital receipts by email or text.

Or print receipts right from your computer.

Bill your customers automatically.

Schedule weekly, monthly, or yearly payments.

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Run your business better everywhere you go.

Every account includes access to SwipeSimple Dashboard, a suite of tools that save time, deliver useful insights, and help boost your bottom line.
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Collect and edit customer contact info in one conveniente place to streamline your  marketing and sales efforts.
Track purchase history down to the customer level and discover new ways to promote and sell more.
Instantly see which products and services are your best sellers and grow your business.

See how easy it is to take payments from your browser.

Demo Virtual Terminal

Explore SwipeSimple Virtual Terminal for yourself with the full-featured demo mode.
Screenshot: Send invoice with SwipeSimple