Card Readers

Less time. Less effort. Lower transaction costs.

Save money on transaction costs every time you use a SwipeSimple Bluetooth card reader with your iOS or Android mobile device to swipe, dip, or tap credit card payments.

Save on every transaction when using your mobile device.

With a SwipeSimple Bluetooth credit card reader, you don’t have to spend time manually typing in card numbers or pay higher transaction costs.

Supports contactless tap including Apple Pay and Google Pay.
EMV Quick Chip reader speeds up transaction times.
Magnetic stripe reader lets you swipe any credit or debit card.

Taking payments couldn't be any easier.

The SwipeSimple B250 card reader connects wirelessly to your phone or tablet and supports all the modern ways to pay.
  • Supports all credit card payment methods including contactless tap, EMV Quick Chip, and magnetic stripe
  • Bluetooth Low Energy securely connects to your mobile device and uses less power
  • Long-lasting battery life takes payments all the way until closing time

Also available

B200 card reader

  • Works with EMV Quick Chip and magnetic stripe cards
  • Bluetooth Low Energy securely connects to your mobile device
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Contactless tap-to-pay not supported

Save time and money on every transaction.

With the SwipeSimple Bluetooth card reader and mobile app, you can take credit card payments anywhere.

Demo the app.

iOS app for iPhone and iPad
Android app for phones and tablets
No account required to try out the app. Just launch the app and tap the Demo Mode button.

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