SwipeSimple Dashboard

Every SwipeSimple account includes a powerful suite of business management tools, so you can manage your business from your computer or mobile device.

“This has been as easy as it can be. I have SwipeSimple and what you can do with it from a computer has made it easier for me to operate my business.”

Source: Review on Google Play

Uncover unique insights

SwipeSimple makes it easy to connect transactions to your actual customers so you can gain unique insights over time.
View and edit customer contact info and payment details
Discover top-selling products and services from your Item Catalog
Access customer-level purchase history

Business reporting tools

Get useful insights into your business with comprehensive real-time reports.
Export transaction reports to a CSV and upload to QuickBooks, Excel, or any compatible third-party business management tool
Simplify tax time with transaction reports available for any time period
View sales reports at item level and for any time range

Accept payments, too

A full-featured Virtual Terminal and invoice management tool is just a click away from the SwipeSimple Dashboard.