SwipeSimple is powered by CardFlight

SwipeSimple is the best way for small businesses to accept credit cards when running a business.

Today, over 85,000 merchants use SwipeSimple to accept payments in ways that meet the needs of their business:

  • On the go wherever they interact with customers and want to accept payment
  • In a traditional retail or food & beverage environment, or
  • From a computer for B2B and back-office billing.

In all the ways their customers want to pay:

  • SwipeSimple software plus versatile hardware options ensure small businesses can accept EMV Quick Chip, contactless, or magnetic stripe payments, anywhere.
  • In a traditional retail or food & beverage environment, or
  • From a computer for B2B and back-office billing.

SwipeSimple Dashboard

All SwipeSimple merchants have access to SwipeSimple Dashboard. This web-based tool enables business owners to gain powerful insights and better manage their operations.

SwipeSimple is sold exclusively through Merchant Acquirers, ISOs, agents, financial institutions and credit card processors. CardFlight does not sell SwipeSimple direct to merchants.  


  • Will find SwipeSimple is most-often sold alongside a merchant account and credit card processing agreement furnished to the merchant by the Merchant Acquirer, ISO, agent, financial institution or credit card processor.
  • Work directly with their Merchant Acquirer, ISO, or credit card processor to get started and for support when using SwipeSimple, including any questions about billing or fees.

About CardFlight

SwipeSimple is a product of CardFlight, Inc., a leading SaaS payment technology company.

At CardFlight, we are committed to understanding the needs of small businesses in accepting payment. We are passionate about making payment acceptance effortless and simple. We push ourselves to create cutting-edge solutions designed to help small businesses grow.

We work through a nationwide network of partners who are best at supporting small businesses in their payment needs. Ten of the top 30 Merchant Acquirers and Independent Sales Organizations have selected CardFlight as their preferred small business payment acceptance solution.

The CardFlight team is focused on execution. We listen to our customers. And we learn. We are agile in solving problems that result in great technology, easy-to-use merchant experience, and simple deployment.

For more information about our company, visit cardflight.com

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