Swift B250

NFC Contactless, EMV, Magnetic Stripe

3-in-1 Bluetooth Card Reader

Accept mobile wallets

Accept NFC Contactless payments including Apple Pay and Google Pay, in addition to EMV chip cards and magnetic stripe payments.


Switch between mobile, countertop, and in-store with the Swift B250 and optional charging stand.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Easily connect to virtually any smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth Low Energy.


Specs: 2.6″ x 0.7″ x 2.4″
Weight: 2.36oz

Make in-store payments a breeze

Swift B250 Charging Stand

A portable and durable tabletop charging stand that:

  • Keeps card reader charged and stabilized while completing transactions
  • Makes it easy to accept payments with a smartly designed upward tilt
  • Has a simple and sleek interface

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